Xemu Records - label releasing the majority of the band's albums- www.xemu.com

Matador Records - label realeasing the band's work from 2003-2010 - www.matadorecords.com

Tekeli-LI Records - Jason's indie label - https://www.facebook.com/TekeliliRecords

Prune Pendant - Cory's indie label - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Prune-Pendant-Records/

Jason's solo work - Old Testament

Steve's recording - Wiggle Room Recordings

Booking -

North America - TONE DEAF TOURING - jake@tonedeaftouring.com

Europe - Zuma Bookings - iranzu@zumabookings.com

Legal -

Anita Rivas - anitarivaslaw@gmail.com

Official site of psychedelic indie rock band Dead Meadow. Moustache Man!